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Woody Vaspra, President & Elder Liaison

Woody Vaspra, a native Hawaiian, retired Air Force pilot, Vietnam veteran and former corporate director for several companies, co-founded World Council of Elders, a 501(c)(3) educational organization in 2000.  Woody has traveled across the globe meeting with indigenous Elders of many native cultures in fulfillment of the vision of creating a worldwide organization of traditional indigenous wisdom-keepers ready to share their Earth-honoring traditions toward love, peace and harmony for all peoples.



Catie Johnson, Executive Director

Catie Johnson, environmental advocate, mediator and former attorney, co-founded World Council of Elders with her husband, Woody.  Since then, Catie has followed her passion for environmental, multicultural and experiential education by organizing many international gatherings throughout the Americas and Australia.  These events and traditional ceremonies have brought hundreds of participants from modern cultures together with dozens of indigenous wisdom-keepers to share teachings, build multicultural awareness, cultivate mutual understanding and co-create peace. Catie’s vision includes helping people to appreciate the ecological balance of all things, and to understand how their personal choices impact the restoration and sustainability of our precious planet.




Joe and buffalo calf, Keechi


Joe Cox, Program Coordinator

Joe comes to us as an experienced Sundancer and helper since 2000, and with a diverse background working with wolves, birds of prey, horses, and most recently buffalo preserves in Indiana and Montana.  He is a dedicated volunteer supporting the International Sundance in 2011 & 2012, and other World Council projects including program development, editing our newsletters and shooting footage for our First Landing documentary film project in Hawai’i.  Thank you, Joe!



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